Good Logo, Bad Logo

Kvalito   •   January 22nd, 2021

Bad Logo Good Logo

What’s the best way to create a good logo design?  Don’t create a bad logo design!

A professional business should look professional.

Bad logos are mainly too bright, use too many colors, confusing designs, too loud and don’t do justice to the quality of the brand.

A Good Logo

  • Represents your business:

Big corporations spend big money on marketing so they can get the public to associate any image to their business.  The ‘Nike’ swoosh being a great example, it says nothing about the business nor does it mention the business, however, we all recognize it and associate ‘Nike’ with it.

For smaller businesses, the logo may be the only impression someone has.  Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to make the logo so it communicates the business directly to public.

  • Communicates your brand:

A good logo communicates your brand’s personality.  Is the brand highly professional or more fun and relaxed, is it eco-friendly or very techy?  It’s important to build brands identity with a logo, as the public will choose the business they can personally relate to.

  • Is unique:

Logo has to be unique, but to a certain degree.  If the industry has a specific type of look then you don’t want your logo to be too far from it, therefore, stick to your industry standards, giving your own twist and making it unique so people can recognize and associate your business with it.

  • Is consistent with rest of branding:

Good design will be consistent with the website and all other branding.  Same color scheme and similar fonts.

  • Is versatile:

If the logo can’t be used in different contexts, then it will be a struggle to brand the business very successfully.

A great logo has many variations, it can be used on light and dark backgrounds equally as good.  It can be varied as such so it can have minor adjustments to suit specific requirements.  For example, a multicolor design may look great when printed, but it may not work for embroidery, so slight adjustments may be needed.

  • Is simple:

Some of the best logos we have seen are simple, one or two color designs.  Some designers think use of lots of colors makes it better, but simple is more attractive.

A good design will have few elements so it can successfully communicate the brand.

A Bad Logo

  • Is too vague:

It doesn’t represent the company, is not identifiable with the business nor industry.

  • Has no personality:

Company’s personality has to be identifiable within the logo.  The whole brand sits on the logo, so if you get this wrong then whole brand will suffer.

  • Is too familiar:

Never create a logo that is too similar to another, your business has to stand out.  Use of clipart images and online design templates are not a good idea and will not make your logo different.

  • Looks out of place:

Logos colors, shape, texture, fonts, all have to fit the overall branding.  You don’t want to have a logo that looks very odd on a professionally designed business card.  Too many graphics, too many colors are not signs of a well thought out logo.

Invest in the logo

New owners invest lots of money in property and equipment but do not match that by investing in a logo.

Some common reasons why some logos look very amateurish:

  • Business owner wanted to save money by designing the logo themselves.
  • Family member or a friend who claims to know a little about graphic designing creates the logo.
  • The logo design is outsourced to an online company that was the cheapest.
  • The logo design is created on one of many online logo creation websites.
  • Logo uses stock imagery or clipart.

Some advantages of hiring a professional graphic designer:

  • Logo will be unique, memorable and professional.
  • It will be crisp, relevant and recognizable.
  • It will fit the brand of the business.
  • Logo will have a longer lifespan and won’t need to be recreated in the near future.

If your logo looks amateurish, so will your business.

Ever wondered if your logo falls in good or bad category?

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