Kvalito   •   February 10th, 2021

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Decorating apparel with thread is a two-step process:  Embroidery and Digitizing

What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is a common form of apparel decoration, where one or more color threads are used to sew directly on to the fabric.  This can be used for logos, sports teams, names and more.

What is Digitizing?

Digitizing is a process where the file is converted, providing instructions to the machine to sew in a specific way.  This process is also called ‘The setup’.  The digitized file is a requirement for any embroidery to be done.

Like everything else, there are many software packages that will digitize a file.  One of the most commonly used files is known as a DST.  Most businesses carrying out embroidery will be able to use this file.

Files Needed

Prior to committing to a company who will carry out the embroidery, ensure they will provide the Digitized (DST) file.  With this file you can go to most businesses that offer embroidery, without having to recreate the file and pay another charge.  This file will not open without the correct software, therefore, do not delete the file if you are unable to open it.

There is also a ‘run sheet’ that comes in the form of a pdf file.  Ensure you receive this pdf file from the business carrying out the digitizing.  This file lists the stitch count, thread colors and sequences.

Digitizing is a form of art and a good digitized file is key to producing a beautiful embroidered design.

Digitizing and Logo/Graphic Design

Digitizing is only needed if you want to have something embroidered.  Therefore, a graphic designer would not provide a digitized file when creating a logo or a design.  This is a completely different process.

Digitizing a file is a one-time process and a one-time payment.  Once the file has been created, it can be used again.

Key Information To Understand

Embroidery is all about the number of stitches needed to sew the logo or the design.  Therefore, the cost of digitizing the file and also for carrying out the embroidery is dependent upon the stitch count.  This is unknown until the digitized file has been created.  However, businesses are able to provide a good estimate.